Food and Drink Specials

Over the next week or so, we’ll be adding all the recurring food and drink specials that we can verify in the Burlington area. This is a difficult undertaking because many of these specials are not currently listed online. As such, we’re gonna need our users’ assistance. If you see a special that is no longer active, or know of one that isn’t listed, let us know, via our contact page.

Soon, you’ll see a small flag icon appear next to each event, that you’ll be able to use to quickly notify us of any issues with specific events.

Version 1.0 Released

After a moment of frustration, a bright idea, and a long Easter weekend of feverish typing, version 1.0 of the site is live, but the question remains:

What is

Simply put, Burlington Tonight is a single, unified events calendar for local businesses and venues.

Rather than relying on curators to maintain calendars, or requiring businesses to submit their events, we take a different approach. We automatically retrieve and aggregate event data from existing business calendars, and combine that with user-sourced event data, to create the most complete listing possible.

We hope you enjoy.